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Based on the rich volcanic foot hills of the Pukekawa hill, Sundale Farm crops a mix of land owned by the partners and other family members, with approximately 50% leased from other farmers as far afield as Manukau in the north and Tirau in the south.


Sundale Farm currently grows three main crops - potatoes, broccoli and barley.


All aspects of the production process are undertaken on site. Our own nursery produces top quality seedlings, the first stage of producing a top quality product.


At Sundale Farm we endeavor to maintain a year round supply of broccoli, fresh from the field. A new batch of plants is transplanted each week to maintain a regular supply.


Harvesting commences at the beginning of November, with daily deliveries directly to the factories from the field through to the end of June. The rest of the winter months are supplied out of storage with product that has been harvested in April and May.


Dedicated potato storage means we can supply 365 days a year - rain, hail or shine. Optimum cooking quality is maintained due to constant storage temperatures. Ambient ventilation is used and at the end of the storage season, in mid November, temperatures are kept constant with refrigeration.


At Sundale Farm, our focus is on sustainability. Crop rotation is hugely important in achieving this goal. Spring sown barley is a good tool for conditioning the soil and opening up rotations. Barley grain is harvested and sold as stock feed, the straw is sold separately for feed and animal bedding.

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Sundale Farm ploughs approximately 1000 acres annually and employs around 12 full-time staff and up to 16 casual staff in the height of the season.


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Sundale Farm was established in 1963 by Frank and Anne Aarts in partnership with Bert Aarts. A 30 acre property was purchased in Pukekawa and they began cropping potatoes, cabbages and cauliflower. Approximately 7 years later an adjoining 80 acres was purchased, and this is now the site from which the company is now based.


In the early seventies Bert Aarts’ shares were purchased when he left to pursue new ventures. Frank and Anne continued to run the company, introducing onions and pumpkins into the crop mix. In the early eighties Murray and Peter Aarts left school to work at home on the farm and eventually took over full time management of the company in 1998.


Potatoes are grown for the processing industry, with specific varieties grown for both crisping and french fry. Broccoli is also a very important crop for Sundale Farms. This is marketed locally into supermarket chains, Turners & Growers and a portion is exported fresh also.


Sundale Farm ploughs approximately 1000 acres annually and employs around 12 full-time staff and up to 16 casual staff in the height of the season. Focus has shifted over the years and the main crops grown are potatoes, broccoli and barley.

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